2022 Driver Roster

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To help the media identify drivers from their readership/viewership area, we’ve prepared the following list of drivers and hometowns sorted alphabetically under their respective racing divisions.

If the entry is in black type we have a driver info sheet on file and we’d be glad to share it with reporters seeking contact information in order to do features. Simply contact Linda Mansfield at LKMRestart@gmail.com.

We encourage you to print out the list and highlight drivers from your area to help you in your coverage of the events held at Gas City I-69 Speedway. The list will be periodically updated as we receive more driver info forms, so please check back often. In many cases we can also provide photos and sometimes video of these drivers too.

Drivers: If your name isn’t listed or is in red, please fill out a driver info form (available on this website or at the pit shack) and submit it to us following the instructions at the top of the form. Entries in red mean we don’t have an info form on file but have researched your hometown from other sources, and we still need you to fill out a form. Please print legibly. Please contact Linda if anything is misspelled or incorrect so she can correct it. Submitting a driver info form encourages media coverage of you, your sponsors, and Gas City I-69 Speedway.

Thank you!

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